Gospel Enquiries for groups

  • It’s what disciples do 

    It’s what disciples do 

    The Great Commissioning, which is recorded in the Gospels (Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:14-20, Luke 24:36-53), is celebrated whenever people gather for Mass. When I was a child, the priest declared, “Ite missa est” and the congregation responded with “Deo gratias.”

  • Following Blind Bart 

    Following Blind Bart 

    “Think of the cross,” a colleague said to me, “and put God at the top and you at the bottom. This relationship we call faith. The horizontal, well that is us, our school, our families, our Church, society.” 

  • How to enter the kingdom of God

    How to enter the kingdom of God

    Mark’s Gospel is shaped like a hinge. The first half of the Gospel is a movement away from Jerusalem. Then Jesus turns around and heads back to Jerusalem after Peter’s profession of faith …

  • What the world needs now 

    What the world needs now 

    We have a framed laser-cut copy of the Our Father in the shape of a cross. The last part of the prayer is a constant reminder that God loves and forgives us without end: “For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever. Amen.”

  • Our sorrow turned to joy 

    Our sorrow turned to joy 

    When I stumbled with trying to write this Gospel Enquiry – I do that with most of the writing that I attempt – I decided to try a different approach. If Jesus used See, Judge, Act to prepare himself for his last meal with his friends, what would his Gospel Enquiry be like? I then…

  • Remain in my love

    Remain in my love

    When I was a child I memorised a statement from the small Catechism my teacher gave to me, about the purpose of my existence: God made me to know Him, love Him and serve Him on earth and to be happy with Him forever in Heaven. 

  • Give glory to God

    Give glory to God

    The struggles we experience in the world today are not unlike those experienced in the time of Jesus.

  • How God loves the world

    How God loves the world

    I used to think that the saying “The world’s your oyster” was about the individual and that the potential for achieving greatness is for every person. Then I realised that the saying might be a parable and that it is somehow related to Jesus’ parable about the pearl of great price.

  • Attest the truthfulness of God

    Attest the truthfulness of God

    Formal religious faith is on the decline in Australia, but that does not mean that the truth of faith cannot apply to those who describe themselves in the national census as having “no religion”. The Gospel is for everyone and for all time. 

  • We are his witnesses

    We are his witnesses

    If Joseph Cardijn was alive today, he would be impressed with Dr Elizabeth Mitchell’s detailed analysis of the New Testament references to the appearances of Jesus after his resurrection

  • Not just my feet, Lord, but all of me!

    Not just my feet, Lord, but all of me!

    The Mass of the Last Supper is celebrated in the evening on Holy Thursday. The Gospel reading, which is from John’s Gospel, recounts Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. 

  • Lek Hackeri (Come, follow me)

    Lek Hackeri (Come, follow me)

    Jesus wanted to be a rabbi. When he had finished his secondary schooling (Bet Talmud), he went to his local rabbi to ask to be taken on as his apprentice (Bet Midrash). The rabbi replied with two words: “Lek hackeri” (Come, follow me).

  • Well, it’s Lent, so …

    Well, it’s Lent, so …

    If you have been reading the Gospel Enquiries, which I have posted here each week, then be assured that I have not ceased preparing them.

  • People get ready, there’s a train a-comin’

    People get ready, there’s a train a-comin’

    The Gospel reading here is the Gospel for the Memorial of the Feast of St Josephine Bakhita. Her story is worth reading. She suffered greatly in her life.

  • Be a part of the changing of hearts and lives

    Be a part of the changing of hearts and lives

    The men who prepare for ordination in a Redemptoris Mater seminary experience what the twelve apostles experienced during their training to be the leaders of Jesus’ church.

  • Go and tell the Good News to everyone.

    Go and tell the Good News to everyone.

    I often find myself thinking about the Blues Brothers’ mantra: ‘We’re on a mission from God” and wondering of late about what people give up so that they can commit themselves to carrying out the mission God gives them.

  • Seeking Jesus

    Seeking Jesus

    Fr Mark Link, SJ (1924-2017) published a book about Jesus in 1971. He called it He is the Still Point in the Turning World, a compilation of evocative images chosen to amplify the themes of the quotes, poems and reflections included in the book.

  • “Lord, you can heal me, if you will.”

    “Lord, you can heal me, if you will.”

    Many years ago, I remember using a short film with senior Religious Education classes. The film was titled “Parable” and it showed Jesus as a circus clown who is crucified by Magnus, the ringmaster.

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